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Большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва

According to Tom Heizer, he, his большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва and sister were sitting at a Houston restaurant table. It will have less moving parts and we can build it incredibly thin and still chamber it for a powerful cartridge. As they looked over his shoulder, Charlie Heizer sketched what would become the PKO, a semi-auto chambered for the mighty.

Blowback-operated, the PKO uses a fixed barrel and a relatively light recoil spring. While the mechanical parameters of this gun might take a team of engineers with the latest computer programs and months of time to design, Charlie Heizer did it in just minutes with a ballpoint pen. Большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва inCharlie Heizer grew up in Hungary near the Austrian border and witnessed the horrors of war firsthand with his village being occupied first by German and then Russian troops.

At one point he found an old shotgun whose barrel had been damaged by the bombing. Just months away from receiving his doctorate degree, Heizer escaped the Hungarian Revolution in and landed in the United States with a toothbrush, a thermodynamics textbook and no working knowledge of the English language. Большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва he met and married another Hungarian refugee and started a family.

Heizer established a small machine shop and landed a contract to make parts for Douglas Aircraft, and this led to other jobs with Boeing, Lockheed and Airbus as well as many of their suppliers. Fifty-five years after its inception, Heizer Aerospace now occupies oversquare feet of manufacturing space. But Heizer never abandoned his love of firearms and, using the excuse of diversifying, he established Heizer Defense to build guns. His extensive knowledge of steels, alloys and precision machining are as relevant to firearms as they are to aviation.

I spoke to his son, Tom, recently, and большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва explained that every metal used in the PKO is aerospace-grade stainless steel. The elder Heizer designed the gun with a fixed barrel and placed the recoil spring over the barrel.

Before I had a chance to handle the PKO, I was concerned that a blowback-operated gun chambered for the. Despite the fact that the большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва uses no sort of locking mechanism, it is easy to manually chamber a round. The recoil spring slides inside the tube, which keeps it from kinking when the slide reciprocates. At the front of the slide, a takedown pin retains the recoil spring guide. I asked Tom Heizer if the end-user should ever separate the two halves. We have done extensive testing and fired 5, rounds through one of our test большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва.

To keep the gun as trim as possible, Heizer designed the slide to run on rails inside the frame. An external extractor is also used on the PKO Heizer places a small square of hardened steel on the slide at the point where the slide stop engages it to minimize wear.

It is positioned appropriately for manipulation while maintaining a firing grip. The pistol cannot fire unless this safety is depressed. In use, it is not noticeable and provides an additional safeguard to prevent an accidental discharge. The frame is undercut at the junction of the frontstrap and triggerguard, and this helps the shooter get a high grip on the gun.

Additionally, the exaggerated heel of the frame helps the shooter lock the pistol into a secure firing grip. In use, I often found myself visually checking to see if I had disengaged the safety, as the levers are very low profile. In my opinion, the levers should be slightly more pronounced for positive engagement.

The trigger pull on my pre-production test sample was extremely crisp at about 6. Production guns will have sights manufactured by an outside contractor, but I had no problem aligning the low-profile sights. The accuracy was better than I would have hoped for with a gun possessing a 2. I set up большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва targets at 10 yards and fired five-shot groups with each load, with the best groups listed here.

Большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва round continues to impress me and almost always turns in the best accuracy regardless of the caliber tested. It has very light recoil yet functions well in everything I have shot it in, and its point of impact is not noticeably different than the point of aim.

It also possesses the second highest energy of the rounds I tested. I set up a standard USPSA target at 5 yards and fired 10 magazines, five rounds each, rapidly into the target. At 15 yards, I was able to easily double-tap a steel target. The PKO is very controllable and does not have the torque many of the alloy-framed, subcompact s possess.

The gun recoils straight back into the hand большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва little muzzle flip. Disassembly of the gun is an easy matter and does not involve any tools.

After removing the magazine and ensuring the chamber is empty, engage the thumb safety and place a finger over the recoil большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва guide on the front of the slide. On the left side of the slide, near the muzzle, is what appears to be a lever but in reality is more of a pin.

Turn this lever and remove it from the slide. Now allow the recoil spring guide, under tension, to exit the slide. Remove the guide and spring, and then pull the slide rearward and off the frame. The PVD coating is lubricious and eliminates the need for heavy lubrication on the slide rails. Additionally, a version will be offered with an extended and threaded muzzle for suppressor use. The blowback operating system and fixed barrel will eliminate some problems normally associated with adapting a suppressor to a dropping-barrel semi-auto.

Heizer Defense also plans to offer a semi-automatic 9mm pistol with an aluminum alloy frame in the near future. I fired over rounds through the PKO during the course of my evaluation. It is accurate, большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва and controllable, and its thin dimensions, rounded contours and light weight большое xуе oтсoс елена беpkoва certain to make it a top choice for concealed carry.

A product of a mechanical genius with an inventive bent, the PKO will appeal to those who recognize quality and innovation and demand the best. For more information, visit heizerdefense. Heizer Defense PKO Turning the lever on the left side of the slide, near the muzzle, allows you to remove the recoil spring assembly during the takedown process.

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